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The principal goal of education is to create human beings who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done.

The changes, which are sweeping across the world, have brought new challenges and hence the role of schools have become ever more important in educating children to cope with the increasing momentum of change. The Don Bosco Public School is just the right choice to create a new genre of winning personalities. Modernization, high technological advances and intellectual progress have been our priorities right from the inception of the school. However, we also ensure that every student develops tolerance and understanding of others, and the personal responsibility needed to turn these virtues into positive and caring action.

We at Don Bosco Public School, believe in being an inviting school. We want students to join us in the learning process, in play, and in social activities. I invite you to join us at Don Bosco Public School, I invite you to become involved in your children school life, help us help them to see and prepare for the infinite possibilities available to them when they enter the world of university, college or work.With a commitment for the overall development of scholars, I foresee each scholar of Don Bosco Public School growing taller in terms of education, self esteem, confidence, discipline, courteousness, intelligence as well as emotional quotient.

Mr. M. Don Bosco