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he title "DON BOSCO" Trade Mark No.1407313 has been given through a registered Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on September 17th 2012 to the Salesian Fathers by our trust for their use also.

  • Does your child suffer from or has ever had an episode of: Epileptic seizures/ Asthma/Rheumatic Fever/ Infective Hepatitis/ Primary Complex/ Vertigo Conditions? (If so, Please give details-separately, if necessary)  Yes   No 
  • Is there a family history of Diabetes/ Fits/Asthma/Primary Complex? (If so, please give details- separately, if necessary)  Yes   No 
  • Has your child ever had a head injury or fracture of bones? (If so, please give details)  Yes   No 
  • Does your child wet his bed clothes?  Yes   No 
  • Has your Child undergone any surgery? (If so, please give details)  Yes   No 
  • Is your child allergic to any medicines? (If so, please give details)  Yes   No 
  • Does your child require to be given a special diet on medical ground? (Please attach Doctor\92s certificate)  Yes   No 
  • Does your child suffer from any physical disability which would prevent him from taking part in sports or physical training. (Please attach Doctor\92s certificate)  Yes   No 
  1. The registration fee (Rs. 500) per child is payable along with the hard copy with necessary documents.
  2. The registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable.
  3. The registration of a child's name on the waiting list does not carry with it the guarantee of admission.
  4. Hard copy of SSSM ID/Bank Account / Insurance Policy is necessary to be submitted to the school along with application form.
 I have read and Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

 Send a copy to me.