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All round development of the child is the dynamic trend in the new education system. A teacher inspires a child to know things himself through constructive activities. The main function of the teacher is to help children develop their talents, abilities and capabilities. This education system encourages a child to acquire more knowledge. A holistic approach to education at the elementary level is a must as it is the most important subsection of the whole education system. Such an approach will facilitate the total development of a child by providing the right atmosphere for learners to develop and enrich their talent. Building self-concept, self image, sense of enterprise and sportsmanship and so on should be part of the educational process. Therefore the curriculum at Don Bosco Public School is designed giving due emphasis on both scholastic and co scholastic area.

The school curriculum has broad areas to take care of all the developmental aspects of the child. The cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Subject like language, mathematics, science and social studies helps mainly the cognitive development of the child. Many other activities are necessary for development of the affective and psychomotor domain. Those activities like games and sport, art and music, craft work etc. are termed as co-scholastic activities. Instead of co-curricular activities, the term co-scholastic activities are used as both cognitive and non-cognitive development can take place by exposing the child to the lesson on scholastic subjects and non-scholastic subjects.

The desirable behaviour related to learner life skills, attitudes, interests, values, co-curricular activities and physical health are described as skills to be acquired in co-scholastic domain. The process of assessing the students progress in achieving objectives related to Scholastic and Co-Scholastic domain is called comprehensive evaluation. It has been observed that usually under the scholastic domain such as knowledge and understanding of the facts, concepts, principles etc. of a subject are assessed. The Co-Scholastic elements are either altogether excluded from the evaluation process or they are not given adequate attention. For making the evaluation comprehensive, both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic aspects should be given due importance. Simple and manageable means of assessment of Co-Scholastic aspects of growth must be included in the comprehensive evaluation scheme.

Don Bosco Public School Has Now Emerged As A Place Where Students Acquire Various Skills. Effective Schools Follow A Holistic Approach To Education I.E. An Integrated Development Stressing On Physical, Mental, Moral And Social Aspects. A Lot Of Innovations Are Going On In The Field Of Education. It Has Become Child "Centered".