Don Bosco Public School


Don Bosco Public School is a Co-Educational, CBSE Affiliated, English Medium Senior Secondary, Purely Residential School for boys and girls from different states, different calibers, different surroundings, different religions, different ways of life and languages and different traditions from class VI to XII come together to this home far away from home where they live together, learn together, come up in life together with a feeling of oneness, that we are the proud citizens of this country. The environment of Don Bosco Public School is safe, secure and apt for the overall development of children which is not possible outside a residential school. Little ideas, minuscule though they may be are picked up in school by the children and these ideas rule their thoughts in life. Every great and grand accomplishment in any field which is written in golden letters was initially a mere idea in the mind of a school child. The mind of the child is nothing but a bundle of thoughts , care is taken in Don Bosco Public School individually for each child to see to it that these thoughts are nurtured and turned into ambition in our children to make the overall development of the child.

Every child is assessed separately in due course and remedial measures are taken up and activated as and when the child starts settling. The School caters to the needs of the above average, below average, and average children in a very balanced way in education and all activities that lead the overall development of the child. Once the child is admitted in the school he/she is one among the DON BOSCO family called Boscovites A child who leaves in the end finishing his education in Senior Secondary level walks with his head held high , walks straight, confident, is punctual and turns out to be a patriotic and valuable citizen of India.

Don Bosco Public School

The TM mentioned was given by a registered agreement to the AIDBES of the Salesian Fathers on 17th sept 2012 by our trust, retaining the right to franchise the title for limited schools by our trust.


Don Bosco Public School (SM) Is A Service Mark Registered School Run By The Don Bosco Educational Trust Registered in New Delhi. The Trademark/Service mark in class 41 no. 1407313 was given by our trust to the Salesian Fathers All India DonBosco Education Society by an registered agreement dated 17-sept.2012 . Our trust retained the rights to franchise the Title for a certain number of schools.

We are committed to an exceptional school which will make a difference. The students of our school will be cognizant, sensitive, reflective and participative individuals who, taking pride in themselves and the nation, impact and influence a changing society with confidence and creativity. The School commits to providing a challenging, enriching and purposeful learning environment on a sustained basis on the belief that this engages students in maximum learning. Holistic, value based self-development through nurturing life skills will be the nucleus of this affirmative learning environment.The school is committed to lifelong learning for all and will provide constant opportunities for professional and personal development for the teachers and the collaborative learning community. I selected this beautiful and serene campus setting, free from the pressures of urban life, in order to develop in the boys and girls a sense of self-assurance and self-reliance.Education should be all encompassing. Respect for people and culture is at the heart of the Schools belief in equal opportunity. There is no discrimination whatsoever on the basis of religion, community, race, ethnicity or gender. I hope that the School will provide happiness and fulfillment for generations of young people.

Our Mission

Fulfill Aspirations of Student Community To learn; grow up and mature in a stress free, interactive and self-paced learning environment offering a rich variety of educational choices.

Fulfill Aspirations of Parents To be reassured that the highest quality educational experience is available to their child in a stress free and safe environment,To be regarded as valuable stake holders in the success and prosperity of the school,To enjoy the satisfaction that their chosen school has an enviable Glamour Value.

Our Vision

To be renowned as the school whose alumni :

  • Are imbued with universally prized moral values
  • Can effortlessly adapt to a multicultural ethos and milieu
  • Are endowed with a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure
  • Are naturally disposed to be lifelong learners
  • Possess a rational, enthusiastic and mission oriented approach to work
  • Can easily enter best institutions of higher learning / professional courses
  • Are competent to perform in a globalized knowledge economy