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The school aim is to provide modern & progressive education to achieve all round, balanced and harmonious growth of children. Thus the school objective is to make the students true citizens of modern progressive world in the new millennium ready to meet the challenges in each & every field of life. We have always placed a great emphasis on the quality of teaching and learning along with the use of highly innovative teaching and delivery methods.

While academic progress is clearly the main purpose of the school, we also encourage all our pupils to develop a wide range of additional interests, so that we provide a very rounded and complete education. Most importantly, this takes place in a friendly and caring environment, and the small sizes of our classes and activity groups mean that every student aptitudes are readily identified and developed. You will have many English speaking colleagues to work with on a day to day basis. Though you are far away from home, it will be easy to make friends and establish a strong community. Your social life will thrive with little effort.


Don Bosco Public School follows the syllabus of Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE). Don Bosco Public School is a purely residential school. It is affiliated to CBSE vide no. 1030180 and has Commerce/ Science/ Biology Streams in Higher Secondary Classes. Don Bosco Public School has implemented CCE Scheme of CBSE.


  • To give strong emphasis to create a future citizen of India. To maintain high standard of education.
  • To pay individual attention to module the pupils with courageous minds & soft hearts, to make each one good & intelligent.
  • To introduce the guru shishya attitude which would create an intimacy in the relation between the teacher & the taught.
  • To allow full scope for the development of personality so as to facilitate specialization through suitable creative work.
  • To provide training in leadership.
  • To inculcate dignity of labour.
  • To nurture a sense of civic, social and moral responsibility.
  • To introduce the literature, history and culture of our mother land.