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You have a great responsibility to the nation. It will do you well to always remember this and in turn do whatever you can for your country and for the world. Knowing this, you must realize that this is the age where you can plan for the future. Study well and inculcate values that will help you later in life. Not everyone will make use of the ample opportunities available to them; the outside world is in a state of disarray and only by utilizing these opportunities will you be able to take on all that comes at you. It will behoove you to make use of the facilities here to develop yourself into a multifaceted person. I know each of you is intelligent and has some inherent talent. Nurture it. Shine as an individual but also train yourself to be a productive member of a team. Instead of becoming pedantic, strike a balance in your life. Not too serious, not to erudite, not too laid back, not too philistine. Realize that a very serious person has no place in this world but on the other hand neither does the one always comical. Learn to adapt yourself not only to long hours of work but also to people and situations.

This school will prepare you in becoming an international student and enhance your learning skill. In this process, if you gain confidence in yourself, you will have won the world. Be hale and healthy and remember you are the future. Keeping all the above in mind we started residential schools where time is in abundance to nurture you children to be good citizens of our country.

Mr. M. Don Bosco

Managing Trustee